Urinary Incontinence Treatment

No woman wants to talk about or experience urinary incontinence. Yet, more than half of all women experience this condition. Sadly, many of these women alter their lifestyles and commit to purchasing pads each week as a way to deal with the situation. They give up enjoying any activities in fear of “leaking,” and this brings stress into their lives.

It does not have to be this way.

In most cases, this type of incontinence is from weakened pelvic muscles. This is known as stress incontinence, and it usually occur when any type of stress is placed on these muscles. This is why coughing, laughing, and even bending over can cause leaking. Thankfully, stress incontinence can be treated.

Dr. Turner At Gainesville Gynecology Can Help

Gainesville Gynecology offers a complete line of services for women, including medical and non-medical treatment for urinary incontinence. As a full service women’s care facility, Gainesville Gynecology can help most women conquer this embarrassing situation.

There are surgical procedures that can be performed which will correct this problem. Dr. Turner offers performs these procedures, if possible, using laparoscopic surgery to reduce the invasiveness of the procedure, scaring, and recovery time. Other medical treatments may also be available,

Dr. Turner is also certified to offer the non-medical InTone device for treatment of urinary incontinence. This device works to improve pelvic muscle strength and sure incontinence in this manner.

Since each woman and situation will be different, Dr. Turner will perform a comprehensive exam and work with each woman on an individual basis to determine the correct treatment plan for this issue.

You Do Not Have To Suffer

Many women believe that they are alone in this struggle, or they are too embarrassed to confront their doctor about this problem. The staff at Gainesville Gynecology and Dr. Turner understands that this can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Because of this, everyone at the facility treats the patients in a compassionate and respectful manner. They understand that many issues that require the help of a gynaecologist can be delicate, so they treat everyone in a manner to make them feel comfortable.

Take advantage of this care and compassion and treat the problem that is bothering you. You do not have to suffer with embarrassing leaking when you cough or laugh. There are treatments available for this problem that will allow you to take control of your life again.

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