Tubal Reversal

It is not uncommon for women who have had tubal ligation to change their mind and wish to conceive again. In many cases, hospitals recommend tubal ligation right after giving birth and many of these women concede to the operation while still recovering from childbirth. Many of these women later realize that it was the wrong decision.

Additionally, any women find that as the circumstances in their lives change, the desire to have another baby arises. These women who are convinced in the past they would never get pregnant again now find themselves desiring a baby.

The great news is that D. Turner of Gainesville Gynecology has a long line of success stories of women he has helped in this very situation.

Tubal Reversal Surgery

Dr. Turner conducts tubal reversal surgeries at the nearby Lakeshore Surgical Center. He has selected this surgery center based on their state-of-the-art equipment and convenience to his patients.

The success of the surgery will be based on many things. These issues include:

  • Type of tubal ligation performed. Those who have had rings inserted into the fallopian tubes or those who have had a portion of the tubes removed have the highest success rates.
  • The amount of actual damage that occurred to the fallopian tubes from the procedure. Excessive scaring may also play a part in the effectiveness of the surgery.
  • Age of the patient. Women over 40 have a lower success rate than those who are younger.

Other Reasons To Request A Tubal Reversal Procedure

There are additional reasons that a woman may want to have the tubal ligation reversed. These include:

  • Onset of heavy menstrual bleeding and craps after the procedure.
  • Onset of early menopause.
  • Worsening of premenstrual syndrome symptoms.
  • Ectopic pregnancy.

Some women may also experience emotional issues with the procedure. The inability to have any more children, even if they do not want any more children, is too much for them to handle. These women often experience anxiety, depression, and loss of libido.

Dr. Turner Can Help

Before you are approved for a tubal reversal surgery, Dr. Turner will give you a comprehensive exam to determine if you will be a successful candidate for the procedure. During this exam he will also explain to you all the risks associated with this procedure and the success rates.

Dr. Turner and Gainesville Gynecology have had a very good success rate in helping women with tubal reversal procedures. Dr. Turner also can assist with fertility issues once the procedure has been successful.

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