Gynecological Surgeries

There are many types of gynecological surgeries that can occur. These surgeries include everything from minor procedures to implant birth control devices to hysterectomies. Surgical procedures may also include repairing pelvic prolapse or incontinence problems. Gynecological surgeries include any and all procedures that have to do with female organs.

Gainesville Gynecology Provides All Types Of Gynecology Procedures

Dr. Turner and Gainesville Gynecology offer a full range of gynecological surgeries. Dr. Turner is extensively experienced in these types of procedures and is often the preferred provider of some surgeries in the area.

Dr. Turner tries to perform as many of these procedures as possible using laparoscopic methods to minimalize the invasiveness of these surgeries and improve recovery times. Performing laparoscopic surgery also minimalizes scarring.

Gainesville Gynecology also offers an in-office procedure for Novasure. This is a specific treatment to help women who experience heavy bleeding and is a safe alternative to a hysterectomy.

Dr. Turner performs as many procedures as possible within Gainesville Gynecology. However, if the procedure requires specialized equipment, he utilises Lakeshore Surgical Center in Gainesville. This is a state-of-the-art facility that is also conveniently located nearby.

When You Need A Second Opinion

There are times when you may feel that you need a second opinion about a procedure. D. Turner will provide you with a second opinion after a comprehensive exam and review of your medical history and records. During this consultation, Dr. Turner will also provide you with information about other types of treatment if they are available. Dr. Turner firmly believes that all patients should be well-informed of all their options before making a decision to have surgery.

Gynecological Surgeries Are Not Uncommon

When facing the prospect of having to undergo a surgical procedure, most people feel as if they are all alone. The truth is, gynaecological procedures are an everyday occurrence. Thankfully, the advancements in technology and science have made these pocedures almost routine and they are much less serious than in the past.

Laparoscopic procedures produce very little discomfort after the procdure and recovery tie may be as quick as the next day. More serious procedures that require regular surgery are less invasive than in the past and have much better results.

Gainesville Gynecology understands that even the most minor procedure can make you feel nervous and uncomfortable. The highly trained staff at the center will make sure that you have the best experience possible while in their care.

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