Family Planning & Counseling

Family planning is something that changes over time and involves many aspects. Family planning involves many different choices that each has different outcomes. Because of this, it is important to talk with your gynecologist about the subject matter in depth before choosing any specific type of family planning method.

Some women may not wish to use hormone based therapies while others only want that type of medication. Some women are looking for permanent birth control after they have had the amount of children they desire, or they have reached an age where they do not wish to risk pregnancy. Other women who have had permanent contraceptive surgeries may find that the situations in their lives have changed and they now desire a baby.

Dr. Turner At Gainesville Gynecology Has The Answers

As an experienced gynecologist, Dr. Turner has an in-depth knowledge of family planning options. He will gladly go into detail about each type of available family planning method and discuss in detail their pros and cons. Dr. Turner will make recommendations for your family planning choices based on the outcome you desire.

Many different things should be considered when you are selecting a birth control method. These aspects should include:

  • Length of time you wish to use contraceptive medication or devices
  • Desire to have or not have children in the future
  • Reaction to different medications and hormones
  • Side effects of different medications or devices
  • Personal beliefs

Dr. Turner will also take into account your health and your age when he makes suggestions about family planning. Some forms of birth control are risky for older women, women who smoke, or any women with specific medical conditions. This is why you will undergo a complete physical exam before any birth control prescription is given or procedure scheduled.

Family planning choices should be reevaluated over time. What may be working well now may not be the right choice in the future. Additionally, newer medications or procedures enter the market each year, and these new technologies may be more preferable to you.

Family planning is not something that you should be embarrassed to talk to your gynecologist about; it is the responsible thing to do. You would not be afraid to manage any other area of your health, so you should never be afraid to manage this aspect of your health either. Talking to your doctor about your current and future plans to have children should be a regular part of your routine exam.

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