Essure® Permanent Birth Control and Reversal

Women who are interested in a permanent form of birth control and do not want to take hormones or undergo complicated procedures will benefit greatly from the Essure birth control method.

Essure is a product that works naturally with your body to block the fallopian tubes so that a pregnancy cannot occur, The procedure is very simple, it can be competed in-office in about 10 minutes, and there is not any extensive recovery period needed.

Essure is 99 percent effective. However, it is permanent. Women who are not sure if they may wish to have children in the future may wish to consider another form of birth control.

Gainesville Gynecology Offers Essure

Gainesville Gyncology offers Essure birth control in an in-office setting. Dr. Turner has frequently used this birth control method over the past ten years and is skilled at pacing the devices correctly and without much discomfort to the patient. He is very confident with this method of birth control and actively recommends the procedure to women who want hormone-free permanent birth control.

It is important to understand that this product generally does not become completely effective for about 90 days. During this time period you will need to use another form of birth control. Your follow up visit will determine if the Essure is in the appropriate position and is safe to use as your only form of birth control.

Essure Reversal

Lives and circumstances change. Women who have had Essure implanted may discover at a later time that they wish to conceive again.   Although it is believed that Essure birth control cannot be reversed, Dr. Turner, along with Dr. William Greene of the Lakeshore Surgical Center, have had success in reversing the effects of Essure.

The procedure can be performed under the right conditions. Dr. Turner and Dr. Greene have had a very good success rate of reversing this procedure and having the patient become pregnant again.

Non-Surgical And Non Hormonal Birth Control

Essure is the only permanent birth control on the market that does not require surgery or the use of hormones. It is over 99 percent effective, and has very little risk of side effects. This product has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for over 10 years and there have been few, if any, negative actions to the product. You can find out more about this birth control procedure at Gainesville Gynecology.

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