Annual Exams with PAP Smears

Preventative care is always the best way to stay healthy. Women who have yearly gynecology exams have a better chance of correcting problems or finding issues early so they can be treated. Additionally, women who have yearly exam are more prone to be in better overall health because their gynecologist can spot other health issues that may need medical attention.

Gainesville Gynecology offers all women yearly exam and pap testing services. Dr. Turner has had extensive experience providing these exams and is equally experienced in treating pap tests that come back as abnormal. If any issues are discovered that cannot be effectively treated at Gainesville Gynecology, Dr. Turner will recommend a specialist in the area that can better help the patient.

There Is More To An Exam Than You Think

When you go in for a yearly exam, the doctor will perform more than just a pap smear. A full exam will take place and it is the perfect opportunity to discuss any medical issues that you may be experiencing. Your doctor can speak to you about:

  • Birth control and family planning
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Infertility issues
  • Menopause management
  • Physical issues you may be experiencing

Dr. Turner will answer all of your medical questions and address all of your concerns. The staff of Gainesville Gynecology will act with compassion and understanding, ensuring that your office visit is a pleasant experience.

Cancer Screening Is Important

One of the most important parts of your yearly exam is cancer screening. These exams are the best way to find cancer before it becomes dangerous. Sadly, female cancers often go undetected until the cancer is at a dangerous stage without these exams and tests.

Female cancers like uterine, cervical, and even breast cancers can be hard to detect in their early stages without a proper exam or test. Many women ignore warning signs of cancer because they assume the discomfort or changes in their body are menstrual or menopause related. By having the yearly exam, the doctor can find abnormalities during the physical exam, seek out additional tests based on what the patient reports as symptoms, or use the standard pap test to diagnose any diseases.

It is important for all women, regardless of age, to make the effort to have a yearly exam and pap test. It is their best protection against disease, and helps them remain overall healthy. These exams do not take much effort to make, and they are worth every minute of your time.

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